Direct Mail

How to Use Direct Mail for ABM

Direct mail is all about infusing a personal touch into a prospect’s journey with your company. With overflowing inboxes and the clutter of the digital world, direct mail can be a fresh addition to any account-based marketing strategy. Review the following considerations if you’re thinking about using direct mail for ABM.

Consider a Tiered Approach

Direct mail campaigns can be pricey, so consider having a few versions of your direct mail campaign at different price points, each targeted to a different tier of your ABM strategy. For example, you might send a full kit of cool company swag to an enterprise account, but you might scale down the cost of that kit for SMB accounts that have smaller budgets.

Create Clear CTAs

All your marketing — including direct mail — should always have a clear call-to-action. What do you want the recipient to do once they get the mailer? Make sure you are explicit in what you want their next action to be. You might include a vanity URL on your mailer that leads to a landing page so you can track engagement with your direct mail campaign.

Customize to Your Audience and Personalize Your Message

Accounts come in various sizes, represent different industries, and have unique goals. It’s critical that you customize direct mail to your different audiences and accounts as much as possible. Speak their language and use examples that companies of any size can relate to.

Do your research (social media is a great place to start), and include handwritten letters or personalized gifts to stand out. For example, if you have a salesperson assigned to a specific account, you can include that person’s personal contact information or signature on the direct mailer, even if the main content of the mailer is the same for other accounts.

Make Your Message Unique and Shareable

Think about yourself as a recipient — is your mailer doomed for the trash, or will it be passed around, kept at your prospect’s desk, and maybe even shared on social media? Make sure that what you send is something you can proudly put your logo on.

Create a Follow-Up Plan

Once the mailer is out the door, your work is just beginning. Tee up a follow-up plan with your sales team, including reports and dashboards you can use to check in on their follow-up activities, and make sure you have a personalized email drip campaign ready to go for lower-tier accounts.

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