Email Nurture Campaigns and Templates You Can Use for ABM

Email will be a critical touchpoint between your marketing and sales teams and your top accounts. With the right planning and templates, you can deliver fully personalized email messages to engage your top accounts.

Marketing Nurture Campaigns

Account-based marketing often requires you to market to several individuals across an account, rather than a single lead. To speak the language of every customer and deliver fully personalized experiences, you will likely need to build out multiple nurture campaigns based on criteria such as persona, title, industry, region, or company size.

Think about the role each of these contacts may play in a particular deal as well as in a long-term relationship. This is your opportunity to anticipate the questions each role may have and answer them through your content.

Sales Email Templates

Email for ABM performs best when members of target accounts feel your team understands them and their pain points. Editable templates give sales reps the freedom to customize content as needed while protecting brand elements, such as letterhead, font sizes, and email signature banners.

Email Template #1: First Outreach

When reaching out to a new account, put in the time and effort to research the individual. At Salesforce, we start by connecting with the contact on LinkedIn and learning more about the types of articles they create, share, and like to get an understanding of their interests.

Here are examples of how you can leverage social listening and follow-up messaging to craft a personalized and targeted email template.

Hi Susan,

Thanks for accepting my LinkedIn request. I read your recent article about consolidation in the healthcare industry. As I’m sure you know as a leading CMO at Makana Health, these consolidations are making it harder than ever to build long-term relationships with physicians.

That’s why our team put together this new resource, “The Healthcare and Life Sciences Guide to Account-Based Marketing.” This guide offers innovative solutions for building customer relationships in the healthcare industry that can help you tackle the problems created by consolidation.

What does your schedule look like this week? I’d love to set up 15 minutes to learn more about your goals and discuss how I might be able to help you create a marketing strategy to grow customer relationships.

Sally Sales Rep


One customer of ours, [recognizable customer in similar region/industry/size], uses our [product/service] to grow their business. I thought you might be interested in learning more about their story and how they’ve partnered with [your company name] to achieve XX% ROI.

I think our team could help [account name] achieve similar results. Let me know if you have 30 minutes next week to chat.


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