ABM and Your Industry

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare marketing, particularly within the health information technology space, presents several key challenges:

As a healthcare marketer, these complex challenges require complex solutions. You must: personalize your marketing efforts and reach multiple stakeholders simultaneously, respect state-specific compliance and legal mandates, and cull through seemingly endless patient and practice data. All to prove why your product or services are better than others.

An account-based marketing (ABM) strategy can effectively solve these unique challenges. With its tactical use of real-time data, content, inbound, and outbound methods, ABM can specifically target key accounts and decision-makers, all while helping you remain compliant. An ABM strategy is especially useful when trying to reach high-value hospitals and integrated delivery networks.

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Introducing ABM to Healthcare and Life Sciences Industries

Identify your target audience. When building your ideal customer profile (ICP) in the healthcare industry, consider business size, profitability, region, growth rate, and the best characteristics from a list of your most profitable customers. Creating an ICP will ensure you don’t waste your time on small fish or uncatchable ones that you can’t afford to waste resources on.

Create better engagement through ABM campaigns. Ask your sales and marketing teams to inventory their department goals, workflows, technology, and lead procurement. Invest in sales enablement, including cloud-based CRMs, APIs, email marketing technology, and digital asset management. With digital marketing systems incorporated into your everyday processes, you can personalize your advertising campaigns to engage the buyer, build trust, and create customer loyalty. Plus, the more ad personalization, the shorter the cycle.

Measure your success. To best optimize your ABM impact with your target healthcare customers, you need to be able to measure how the efforts of your marketing and sales teams are affecting accounts — for both prospective and current customers. With ABM, your sales and marketing teams can track the customer’s buying journey at every step.

Regarding marketing strategies, introducing ABM is one of the most effective ways to find and land your ideal customers. Dig deep into account-specific ABM analytics — such as overall account engagement and website lift metrics. This will help you to sharpen your marketing and sales outreach, generate more high-quality leads, and drive new growth.

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